One of the most dynamic and sincere inspirational speakers of faith today. With Greg’s ability to genuinely communicate to a wide array of audience ages and sizes, he is sure to relate a message of hope you will be excited to share out in the world.


Just Released!

It’s finally here! The album I have been encouraging my wife to do for the last five years. “All I Ever Have to Be…” is a combination of Aimee’s vocals and reflections I offer as we transition from one theme to the next. A perfect blend to reflect and pray with, listen to in the car with the family or share with someone who is longing to encounter God in a familiar way through music.

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Joy in Our Sacrifice…

The mere idea that you must sacrifice one thing to gain something else makes people skeptical and wary. Some might even worry that what they’re trading is not going to provide the same value as what they’re giving up. However, if we are true to who we desire to be, than every time we sacrifice, there should be joy attached to it because of what or who you are sacrificing for.

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