One of the most dynamic and sincere inspirational speakers of faith today. With Greg’s ability to genuinely communicate to a wide array of audience ages and sizes, he is sure to relate a message of hope you will be excited to share out in the world.


Beauty of Lent “Alleluia”

Never disappointing us, or leaving us alone, our Lord has risen. His glory is all we need and His grace is our greatest desire. Greg Wasinski takes us through the most holy day and the ways we continue to be the risen Lord out in the world around us. The Beauty of Lent has culminated with the blessing of this Easter day.

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Beauty of Lent “Love” The Triduum

Creating a bond with Christ is all part of the emotional journey we take during Lent. As this season comes to a close, we have one more opportunity to share in Jesus’ humanness and recognize His love for us. There is no preparation to help us understand the ULTIMATE love story of Christ’s death like the celebration of the Holy Triduum.

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