One of the most dynamic and sincere inspirational speakers of faith today. With Greg’s ability to genuinely communicate to a wide array of audience ages and sizes, he is sure to relate a message of hope you will be excited to share out in the world.


God’s not Looking for Actors

A reflection written originally for our youth but applicable to ALL ages. This is a chance to share a call which reminds us that it isn’t about just what we do, but the manner and motive behind what we do. Look beyond the moment of what feels good, is mostly popular with your friends or even what might be easiest and give God the glory He deserves by being the difference maker who might just change other’s hearts in the process.

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My Cross is Bigger than Your Cross…

Big, small, wide, narrow, smooth or splintered, it doesn’t matter, a cross is a cross and everyone is carrying one. In working to understand how we help each other and solve the crisis which creates distance between us, we must empathize that every cross being carried by another cannot always be seen. If this is the case, it is impossible to understand the magnitude and size of the burden someone else is feeling by comparing it to your own hurts.

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