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One of the most dynamic and sincere inspirational speakers of faith today. With Greg’s ability to genuinely communicate to a wide array of audience ages and sizes, he is sure to relate a message of hope you will be excited to share out in the world.


Severed Grace…

When we desire growth and understanding of where we are in our faith life, we have to step back and identify the things which could be stalling us from reaching the next level or even maintaining where we are currently; ”severed grace” could be the issue. How can you make sure you’re open to receiving God’s grace?

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How many times in our life do we feel that God has stepped away from our side? How often do we feel that God doesn’t hear us when our prayers go unanswered? Regardless of whatever way we word the questions, there are times we feel very alone and wonder if God has left us to handle things by ourselves; the answer is, He NEVER does.

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