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One of the most dynamic and sincere inspirational speakers of faith today. With Greg’s ability to genuinely communicate to a wide array of audience ages and sizes, he is sure to relate a message of hope you will be excited to share out in the world.


Being Superman…

When most of us talk about being “Superman” (or “Superwoman”) in our days, it is mostly about completing an immense amount of tasks or doing the seemingly impossible item off our to-do list. In these moments, we may see ourselves as a superhero, but what happens when we aren’t able to fulfill every “world saving” aspect in our day?

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“An EXCELlent Year Awaits…”

The beginning of the New Year can be a very stressful time for people. We place so much expectation on what will be and all we hope for. Working to become someone we are not can bring us to failure rather than success. I am inviting each of us into a year of excelling with the gifts we possess and realizing who we are capable of being. For me, it’s truly not about “change” as much as it is growth.

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